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Welcome to Nereid.

Nereid is a web framework built over Flask, with Tryton as a Backend. To know more about Nereid, you could read the documentation.

The demo store

The demo store is an fictional e-commerce store, hosted at The store is powered by nereid and the following tryton modules which provides the e-commerce functionality. The data in the store is a subset of the ICECAT Open Catalogue and the images are loaded from Icecat too (which is terribly slow at times). Before you ask, the price in the store is a random value between 0 and 1000 and has no relation whatsoever to real prices (That is not a problem since we dont ship what you buy).

The demo is hosted on an Amazon (AWS) Micro instance with 613 MB of memory and runs trytond, postgres 9.0 and nereid over nginx.

Nereid Catalog

Allows displaying of products and depends on the tryton product module. It also introduces a concept of Browse Nodes which allows you to attach products to multiple hierarchical classifications.

Source Code: Nereid Catalog on Github

Nereid Cart (B2C)

Contributes to the shopping cart experience.

Source Code: Nereid Cart (B2C) on Github

Nereid Checkout

Module implements the checkout functionality and includes a standard one page checkout functionality.

Source Code: Nereid Checkout on Github

Nereid Payment

This module builds the basic architecture on which all other payment gateways could be based. By default this offers COD (Cash on Delivery) and Cheque payments as options.

Source Code: Nereid Payment on Github

Nereid Facebook Authentication

Provides facebook based authentication in addition to the conventional login.

Source Code: Nereid Facebook Auth on Github

Demo store module and templates

Has the template for the store and some quick hacks we used to build this site.

Source Code: Nereid Demo Store on Github

A walkthrough

So you might be wondering how do I test this store ? Well, below are some quick tasks which will get you used to the system. Remember that we rest the system every 2 hours, so none of your data will be saved when that happens!

Note: The store is based on Tryton 2.4 version. So you need a version 2.4 Tryton Client. Familiarity with Tryton is assumed in the following examples. However, if you are not familiar with Tryton, feel free to contact our team at or catch one of us on the Tryton IRC (on freenode).

Tip 1: Modifying the product information

Identify a product and try changing its name, simple description and other information. You might even want to test the multi-language feature by changing the name of the product in different languages.

Tip 2: Availability of product

The product availability is computed every time and only a handful of products, mostly the ones in the homepage are available. You could test the behavior by creating a new purchase or by Inventory adjustments.

Tip 3: Complete a checkout

Complete a checkout process and see the same as a new order in your confirmed sales. If you used paypal gateway you can even see your confirmed invoice since the order was prepaid.

Have more questions ?

Feel free to mail us at, or if you live near us - feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee (or a Beer!). Are you a tweeter ? Tweet at us @openlabsindia or use the hash tag #nereid and we will find you.